Playback provides a fascinating document of the making of Hard To Be A God

There’s a fine line between madness and genius in filmmaking, and the truly great, hard-to-believe-they exist-films have often perched on that line. And nothing has brought this more into focus than a making of documentary for such a film. Documentaries like Hearts of Darkness and Burden of Dreams give a way to understand the extraordinary story behind Apocalypse … Read more

Ten films to catch at the London Film Festival that we’ve already seen and loved

The line-up for the London Film Festival was announced this past week and it’s another mix of high profile features and semi-hidden gems. You can find the full line-up online but it can be a little overwhelming to navigate. In a effort to help you pick a few films to prioritise, I have selected ten of the best … Read more

Why Aleksei German’s Hard To Be A God is worth the wait

Why Aleksei German’s Hard To Be A God is worth the wait

One of the most painstakingly constructed sci-fi films you’ll ever see, and it’s full of mud and persecution.